The Red Thread Mothers Circle

The Red Thread Mothers circle is a fortnightly meeting of Mothers with young children who are committed to holistic attachment style parenting and living lightly on the earth.

The Red Thread has grown out of a desire to connect with other, like minded families and to create community in our fragmented society. Here, we create a safe and supportive space for us to all come together and share the journey of motherhood.

If you are interested in the Red Thread then please don't hesitate to get in touch

Why The Red Thread?
The Red Thread is that which unites us all as women, weaving through our hearts, breathe, bodies and lives; it is the blood and bone essence of Woman. Whether we bear children in this lifetime or not, we all once grew in the waters of our mothers womb, and were born cradling within us the eggs that will be our future children. Motherhood, although not for everyone this time around, is a powerful and vibrant strand of the red thread.
We are all women, a spark of the divine incarnate, and in motherhood we hold the future of this lovely planet and of the human race in our hands and hearts, as mothers have done since the dawn of time.
In this wonder-ful responsibility, if we choose to grasp it with our eyes and hearts open, is the potential for unlimited personal growth. If we truly listen to our children and let them be our teachers on the path of motherhood, then we may also choose a way of honest and authentic living on the earth.
Personally I have found that by following the red thread within and closely listening, the result is heart centred, attachment parenting which respects both our human nature and the Earth who is the mother of us all.
This is not an easy path though, this is the "road less travelled". It is not a way of Being that is in step with much of modern society and whilst full of joyful moments, it can also be lonely and hard.
Our society as a whole is not geared towards people like us; we do not make good consumers of either junk food, meaningless possessions or junk culture. As Mothers on our own unique journeys, we aspire to take personal responsibilty, embrace our differences and honour the tides of life as they ebb and flow within and through us. We aim to walk lightly and with respect on the earth in every sense.
Recognising the sacredness of our task, we are humbled yet unafraid. We look inside of ourselves for answers and listen to our instincts instead of following the herd or asking the expert. We question 'the norm' and research for ourselves when something doesn't feel right. We don't give our power away, recognising that when it comes to our children and our families, we are the experts. We may look to good friends to encourage and support us or to other wise mothers for words of experience but we know that ultimately, that which we seek is always within.
It is through the support of good friends that we are able to access our innate wisdom and begin to trust it. That is where, I believe, a space like the Red Thread Mothers Circle can be so valuable; in providing a safe space for women and their children to come together and share the journey in an authentic honest way, in its colourful highs, lows and all the moments in between.