Thursday, 22 August 2013

Summer 2013

It has been a wonderful Summer for The Red Thread ~ amid the usual schizophrenic summer weather of this fair Island; stifling heat, beautiful blue skies and summer showers; our vibrant community have come together every two weeks as we always do. 

Joining friends who have been here since the beginning, we have welcomed many new faces and beautiful young families into the weave and it is a happy, chatty, busy yet relaxed atmosphere on Red Thread mornings.

Last week two of our number celebrated their first journey around the sun with cake (of course) and giggles ~ what better?

Yes we are a happy bunch ~ lovingly supporting and witnessing each other in our lives and our mothering. We strive for no judgment, just open hearts and open minds here.

I know that particularly this year I have needed the holding and love of this community more than ever, and just knowing that they are there is making the day to day a better place to be for me and my children. 

And THAT ~ well that's what friends are for.

 Blessed Be  x

 ...and make a wish x

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Heartwood Small School Project

For the past few years it has been my very great pleasure to be involved (albeit from the periphery) with a wonderful educational project, Heartwood Small School Project.

They began in 2010 to create a small, family-centred learning community based near Petersfield, in West Sussex and have grown over the intervening couple of years to offer a truly inspiring and stimulating environment for children between 11 and 16. 

My son came out of the state school system after suffering bullying. His confidence crumbled and our bright, happy child was wilting before our eyes. We had decided that home education was the answer although it didn't quite feel like an ideal fit for him. Through a chance remark from my acupuncturist I heard about this exciting new project and within 2 minutes of visiting, we were in love...

The love and dedication of the team behind Heartwood is evident from the level of care that goes into every detail. With aspirations of sustainability, mindfulness, and a gentle, community centred learning environment for our children I can't think of a better place for my emerging teen to spend his days. 

They study GCSE classes in the core subjects aswell as People and Places, Bushcraft, Philosophy and Ethics, Photography, Art and wonderful weekly drama classes. They spend as much time as possible outside and enjoy termly camping expeditions.

The proof is in him though. He is happy, thriving and sparkling once more. When he had a cold earlier this year he almost begged to be allowed to go to school & in his own words, Heartwood is like a second family to him. 

What more could we as parents, ask for?

If you are inspired by Heartwood or you think that your child could benefit from their inspirational approach to learning then please get in touch. 

I'm sharing the news about this exciting project today because places are now available for new students and families to join our learning community.

The Heartwood Open Day is on Friday the 15th March 2013, please come along and see for yourself... 01730 826665 or 07767 321271

Friday, 25 January 2013

Wholehearted Return

This year I decided to resume work as an Holistic Birthing Companion, a Doula. I decided to rejoin Doula UK after a break of 4 years, one way of letting the universe know that I am serious about returning to the world of Birth work. 

Even though I've officially been a "resting" Doula since the birth of my youngest 4 years ago, I attended 5 incredible births last year and have conducted many Mother Blessing ceremonies over the intervening time, also within the Red Thread we have welcomed many new souls earthside, and so I have never really been far from birth. 

When it came to writing my "Doulaography" however, I found myself sitting and staring for a prolonged time at an empty screen. I realised that being a Doula had become so much a part of Who I Am, that I hadn't really thought about it in a linear fashion for a long time! 

I started to think about how my attitude to Birthwork has changed and developed over the years and so I spent some time reflecting on this (while washing up, making lunch, hoovering… no such thing as quiet reflection in this house!) 

So much has happened in the 4 years since I decided to take a break. I have changed; I have grown, I have been burnt but emerged strengthened from the glowing embers, I have learnt wonderful new things and made some beautiful connections & soul friends and so, I suppose has my practice of Being with birth, evolved too. 

All of my experiences have informed who and how I am in my life and in my work, I realised in one startling moment of clarity how absolutely grateful I am for every single moment of my experience, even the moments that have felt dark and difficult. 

In spite of all that change, the essence of who I am and what I do as a Doula has stayed the same. My commitment to the work and my intention remain clear, untarnished and only stronger for the time that has passed. 

I do this work to support and to care for women in Birth. I do this work because I Love it ~ I love Birth, I love babies, I love to bear witness to such beauty & to glimpse the mystery. I do this work because it is one of the things that I am meant to do in this lifetime ~ along with Mothering my children and Celebrancy and other things I am yet to discover but can feel just around the corner… I do this work because it is a part of Who I am. 

Today I am so grateful for this clarity and excited about all that is to come.