Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blessing the way to far far away...

This Thursday at The Red Thread, we held a Blessingway ceremony for Tracey, who is not only journeying to birth for the 3rd time, but is also travelling back to her native New Zealand to live.
This was a moving occasion for us~ our first Blessingway as a group for one of our beautiful Mamas and a fond farewell too. Tracey has been an inspiring and important part of our circle for a while now and we will miss her tremendously!
The Blessingway was a beautiful, heartfelt offering from us all; Marianne had crafted an amazing crown of greenery for Tracey to wear; Mel and Starr played an enchanting flute and keyboard duet; Lizzie sang a spellbinding birthing song which stopped everyone in their tracks, even the toddlers;

we each brought a bead for a birthing necklace and spoke a blessing for Tracey and her birth; we all held hands and wished her well.

As a part of the ceremony we bound our wrists with red yarn, symbolic of our connection to each other and to Tracey. We know that the bonds of friendship formed here will stretch as far as they need to, and that we all remain a circle in our hearts, if not in everyday-ness.
Over the years I have been blessed to have some truly wonderful wombyn touch my life, and until now, almost none of them have been close enough for regular cups of tea and hugs. So I know just how far our heartstrings can stretch ~ and it is forever.
Go Well Tracey. Go in Peace and Love on your path to birth and other shores, and know that we are cheering you on from chilly old England.

I would like to say a huge Thank You to all the awesome women who jointly create The Red Thread Mothers Circle, because without you and your open hearts, it would just be a 'lovely idea' rather than the vibrant and loving space that it is. I was honoured to share the Blessingway with you all.
In Circle Blessed x