Sunday, 26 September 2010

Harvest Moon

Can you feel the change in the air? A chilly edge to the wind, the taste of rain on the horizon, the smell of wet earth and damp woodlands. The rose hips bob in the hedgerows, almost ready, and the elderberries glisten, apples fall~ Autumn comes.
I am somehow taken unaware this year. Even though I knew that Autumn was here, the equinox energy is strong and flowing suddenly, like a river in flood, jolting me from my late summer reverie. "Change", she whispers on the strengthening breeze, "honour and let go….move with me, dance with me, trust in me"
With hearts open, there is wisdom and deep learning to be gained in the balancing of our inner and outer worlds. Equinox energy moves us to clear out our cobwebs, open the windows and let her blow through our hearts and minds one last time before we retreat, to dream the dark of the year.
Mabon heralds a natural pause; a time to ground and reorient ourselves upon the path. A time for gathering your achievements to you and honouring how far you have come.
A time to reflect; What have you grown this year? Where have you reaped your harvest? What are you most proud of?
Take this moment and celebrate every sacred part of yourself; growing and changing as you are, spiralling with the seasons.
Give Thanks; Take your morning tea out into the garden. With a prayer, raise your cup up to the windswept blue sky and the sunshine, in gratitude and acknowledgement, then pour out a libation upon the Earth to honour her part in all that you do. Bring that Earth and Sky blessed cup to your lips and drink a toast to yourself and your achievements.
The day and night are of equal length and beauty, and the full moon this week has blessed us with her magical light that bathes all areas of our lives. Her gifts of abundant creativity flow, and her light illuminates the paths of our lives to give us clear sight, far sight, both forwards and back. An opportunity to gain new insight and perspective. Meditate, pray, dream and Give Thanks in her presence.
Get out in the wet silver grass of the full moon garden and sing to her, tell her your stories of journeys made and mountains climbed, of joy and sorrow interwoven, of rainbows and muddy puddles, sticky fingers, dirty faces, new friends and days full of simple pleasures.
Ask for her blessings on the many adventures to come, that you may journey well, with Her good grace and a light heart.