Blessingway or Mother Blessing, is a celebration of pregnancy; a preparation for the rite of passage that is Birth; a chance for the close friends and family of a pregnant woman to come together to Bless her on her way to Birth and motherhood.

It has been my very great honour to facilitate many Mother Blessings and part of the beauty of these ceremonies is that each one is so individual, tailored to the unique needs and beliefs of the mother.  

Your Ceremony might include; 

meditation, visualisation and relaxation; 

drumming, chanting or singing; 

nurturing of the mother by hair brushing, foot bathing or massage; 

celebration of the pregnant form with henna, body paint or a belly cast; 

the making of a string of Birth Beads or prayer flags ~ something to support the mother in labour; 

the giving of blessings and well wishes…

there really are as many ways to create blessingway as there are women to create them for! 

To write and facilitate your Mother Blessing for you, I charge £100 plus travelling expenses if you are very far from Guildford in Surrey. Any ceremonial items that I purchase on your behalf are extra. 

If this sounds unattainable to you, please get in touch as I am always open to negotiation and barter if someone is in need. 

I also offer brainstorming sessions to help you create your own ceremony if thats what you wish.

If you are too far from me or for some reason I can't make it to your blessingway ceremony, I can put together a Blessingway Kit for you to take the hard work out of organising it yourself.

please contact me to discuss your Mother Blessing,

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