Monday, 2 August 2010

Happy Birthday

One balmy Sunday afternoon at the end of July, the women of The Red Thread came together in celebration of our merry band.
We brought our children, our partners and lunch to share and spent the afternoon in the summer garden. There was much playing, exploring and bouncing on the trampoline (and that was just the Dads!)
walks by the pond, piano playing, duck watching, lots of picnic rug chatter,

really delicious food shared and not a few waspy friends joining in too... It was a truly lovely, peaceful afternoon spent in wonderful company.

I am ever grateful and in awe of the gifts that The Red Thread has brought in to my life and without doubt, the best of these is the gift of some wonderful friendships. Thank you all you lovely Mamas, for nurturing with me this dream of the Mothers Circle, and may it, like all our children, flourish and grow in our Love and care.
with bright blessings, Keeley x