Thursday, 27 January 2011

Roll Up Roll Up....

Tickets are now available to Nurtured Family Nurtured Earth here

Entry is free but please consider donating to support us if you are able to, via the button on the right.
We are starting from a budget of zero and it is only due to the love and generosity of our inspiring speakers;
Veronika Robinson of The Mother magazine, Patrick Houser of Fathers to Be International, Anna Watson of Arnica Parents and Maggie Curry of The Heartwood small school project;

in donating their time and abundant energy for free, that Starr and I, along with the women and families of The Red Thread, can realise our dream and create this wonderful event. Every little bit donated will help to support us in this adventure!

Tickets are actually going at an almost alarming rate, so if you are planning on joining us then do please go along and register your interest soon.

So looking forward to connecting up with you all in June!

Keeley x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Herb Walk at Nurtured Family Nurtured Earth

I'm really pleased to confirm that Medical Herbalist Tim Carpenter will be leading a Herb walk in and around the beautiful gardens of Haslemere Museum, at Nurtured Family Nurtured Earth this June 4th. 

We went on a herb walk with Tim last year with our local home ed group and it was wonderful ~  lively, interesting and informative, and led by a man with clear passion and commitment to his work. This is what Tim has to say about the walk ~

"Come rain or shine the wild stuff will thrive. Whether you call them wild plants, herbs or weeds, they can probably help you improve your health. Learn the identity of some of Britains wild flowers and trees and how they work with your body to heal various ailments."

and what I love about herbs and wild plants is that they are a shining example of how much the Earth nurtures us when we are willing to open our eyes, minds and hearts to her. 

Herbal medicine is a huge part of the magic of this Earth-Walk that inspires and moves me. I hope that you will find something to uplift and inspire you too, when you join us at Nurtured Family Nurtured Earth this June. 

Look forward to seeing you there!