Doula ~ Birth Support

The role of a Doula is to emotionally and practically support women and their families through pregnancy, birth and the early post natal period.

This year I have renewed my commitment to Birth work and you can read a little bit about this on my blog here; 
I am a passionate advocate of natural childbirth, breastfeeding and holistic childrearing practices. 

This is the way that I instinctively chose to raise my own family and I have found this path to be a joyful and fulfilling one. 

That said, I have supported women through many different types of birth, and am willing to support women to have the birth that they desire, whatever their choices or situation they find themselves in.

If you'd like to discuss your particular requirements, drop me a line 

As your Doula

I offer 3 antenatal visits 

I am on call for you from 2 weeks before your due date until your baby is born, so that I can come immediately when you go into labour.

I attend your birth from as early as you want me until you are happily settled 'on the other side' with your new babe 

I offer 2 post natal visits for support, debriefing and foot rubs (among other things). I also bring your family a meal.

Extra post natal visits can always be arranged should you need them. 

As soon as I am engaged as your Doula I am available via email and on the phone for support at any time.

I believe that all women should have access to a Doula and for this reason, my fees are negotiable and on a sliding scale, please contact me for details.

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