Thursday, 22 August 2013

Summer 2013

It has been a wonderful Summer for The Red Thread ~ amid the usual schizophrenic summer weather of this fair Island; stifling heat, beautiful blue skies and summer showers; our vibrant community have come together every two weeks as we always do. 

Joining friends who have been here since the beginning, we have welcomed many new faces and beautiful young families into the weave and it is a happy, chatty, busy yet relaxed atmosphere on Red Thread mornings.

Last week two of our number celebrated their first journey around the sun with cake (of course) and giggles ~ what better?

Yes we are a happy bunch ~ lovingly supporting and witnessing each other in our lives and our mothering. We strive for no judgment, just open hearts and open minds here.

I know that particularly this year I have needed the holding and love of this community more than ever, and just knowing that they are there is making the day to day a better place to be for me and my children. 

And THAT ~ well that's what friends are for.

 Blessed Be  x

 ...and make a wish x

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  1. So lovely to see you all, miss your lovely group so much
    Lots of love x x x