Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Warp and Weft

Over the time since I first started The Red Thread, I have been contacted by many women from all over the country who have set up similar groups for themselves where they live, as a response to reading about ours.

I am more pleased and moved than I could ever express that The Red Thread calls to so many of us because, for me, that is so much of what this work is about ~ encouraging and inspiring each other. As women, if we come together in loving support of one another, we can move mountains. There are few more important or courageous jobs than the one that we do ~ fearlessly raising and nurturing the next generation ~ and in order that we do it to the very best of our ability, it is essential that we create community and support systems for ourselves. 

It is too easy in todays society to inhabit a world of separation. We have almost all been brought up within this paradigm and it is essential that we learn to feel and see beyond it. To choose solitude is one thing and I do choose it often for many reasons, not least because I like my own company, but equally, I sometimes need to reach a little way beyond myself and feel a welcoming hand to steady me when I wobble; to hear a loving voice on the end of the phone; to be among other women who reflect the best of me right back at me; to be among friends. I have been blessed in this lifetime to know some truly remarkable women and to have some wonderful friends who shine like stars in the firmament, guiding and inspiring me every day. It is soothing to the soul to be among like minds, kindred spirits, and this is what the Red Thread is aiming to provide ~ a space for us all to come together in.

It is only with the ongoing love and support of my friends that I have been able to reach out and reawaken the spark of The Red Thread within so many others. Please get in touch and let me know about your Mothers/ Womens circle and lets share our stories and continue to weave the Red Thread for the good of us all.