Friday, 17 December 2010

At The Red Thread we came together last week for our last meeting of 2010. Amy came to see us and gave a talk on Bach flower remedies specifically for children which was really interesting and will definitely prove helpful over the ensuing season!

For the rest of the morning, there was playing, pom pom making and a delicious shared lunch of soup, breads, salad and raw apple pie to be enjoyed.

In all, a lovely way to mark the end of a year that we have been blessed to share as a group. 2010 has seen comings and goings; some of our original members left for pastures new and we miss them still and many new mama's have come to join our circle; we have celebrated Blessingways & Births; and started our "Mothers Only" Saturday circles, a really special, sacred space and a haven for us all to take time out in occasionally.

In the new year as the light begins to return, there is so much to look forward to, not least Nurtured Family Nurtured Earth and all of the love, preparation and work that we can't wait to pour into it. In the meantime though we will look forward to meeting up again in January. Knowing that we have the ongoing love and support of a group of wonderful Mamas like the Red Thread is an incredibly empowering way to meet the new year and I can't wait to see what other delights 2011 has in store!

Blessed Be.


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gifts of the Solstice

Amid falling picture book snow and sub zero temperatures, the Winter Solstice approaches once again. With all the snow we've had it truly does feel like time to hibernate and dream ~ I just sometimes wish someone could tell my children that! 

The fire burning, candles flickering and the solstice tree brought into the house all mark the approach of the longest night for us. We are lucky to live rurally, but still the air of slight panic pervades even here, as people dash around shop-shop-shopping, giant santa claus' loom at us from buildings and there's not a parking space to be found in town when you need one! Every year I find myself feeling more and more uncomfortable with the consumerist nightmare that IS christmas for many people. 

It feels very counter intuitive for me, all this bustle and bluster at a time when the energy all around is calling for us to retreat and nest. Even the trees have sent their energy down into the roots, letting their leaves fall, and everything looks bare and stripped back. As a society we are so far from nature that we no longer take our cues from the land, but for those of us that try to live in harmony with the earth, a deep discomfort can arise. The discord between the wisdom and depth of the Solstice and the superficial tack and glitter of the average Christmas is painful on many levels.

The beauty and truth of this season is there for us all if we can find some peace and stillness in which to observe it. Light a candle and take a moment to connect with whats happening on the land and whats happening in your inner landscape too. Feed the birds, get out in the garden, feel the earth under your feet, settle and breathe into her. Grounding is a great antidote to the frenzy of the season if you find yourself losing your centre, which is easy to do. 

Be true to yourself and the heart of your family ~ celebrate in whatever way is personally meaningful to you and enjoy.

I wish for all of us, the blessings and promise of the Solstice Energy, and the time to savour it and snuggle with our loved ones.