Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Nurtured Family, Nurtured Earth 2011

At The Red Thread Mothers Circle we have been busy planting seeds and incubating plans for next year. We are very excited about the results of this dreaming and planting; plans for a day event next year here in Surrey, dedicated to Holistic family life, called Nurtured Family, Nurtured Earth. 

"Our vision is that Nurtured family, Nurtured earth will be a day to Inform, Inspire and Celebrate Holistic Family life. A day of bringing together our individual lights, to shine into the areas of our lives that may need it;  maybe we need to remind ourselves why we do what we do, to affirm our choices; or maybe we need something to lift and encourage us, and to help us to strike out boldly upon the path that awaits us. Lets come together to support, educate and encourage each other... 
I love the attitude that it is a great honour to be incarnated now, with so much change going on and such great opportunities to make a difference, and this is the energy I'd like to bring to the day. 
Let it be a reminder that in fully and wholeheartedly nurturing the next generation, we are doing the same for our great Mother, the Earth; not just because of how lightly we tread (although that is also vital), but through the loving and whole adults of tomorrow that we are caring for today."

We are still in the early stages of planning Nurtured Family Nurtured Earth but it has taken on a life all of its own and is coming together beautifully. 

As guests speakers already confirmed we have Veronika Robinson, Editor of The Mother MagazineAnna Watson, founder of Arnica Parents and Patrick Houser of Fathers To Be International.

Activities planned include Childrens Story Telling, Healing Spaces, Music, Cafe and a market room.  We also have a beautiful outside space in which to play and  explore.

~ More will be confirmed as the day takes shape ~

If you think you might like to contribute in some way then please take a look at the dedicated page above, and do get in touch.

and please save the date ~ Saturday 4th June 2011~ and lets all take this opportunity to come together and celebrate our parenting journeys.