Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Fire and Midwinter Wishes

In celebration and remembrance of another year rolling by, my children and I lit the solstice fire tonight with friends. 

At bedtime tonight we gathered by the indoor fire and talked about what we would like to take with us into the new year when the sun rises on the Winter Solstice tomorrow. I love opportunities like these in life ~ here on the longest night we are given pause, a moment to stand on the threshold of the new and look back on what has been. 

It is at these moments that we can truly create our reality by paying attention to what seeds we are allowing to take root in the dark fertile soil of our interior. Its a chance to leave behind that which we do not wish to take with us and to choose better things for our journey; things that make us smile, lift our spirits, make our hearts swell with gladness and love. Of course the shadow side of life is there always and there is little point in pretending that it isn't, but as long as we can learn from, accept and be grateful for our experiences, whatever they may be, we are free to move on from them and to soar into the next phase.

For the Red Thread it has been a wonderful year, there have been trying moments of course, but for me the absolutely glorious ones are the ones that I am choosing to take into 2012 with me. 

We had the brilliance and excitement of Nurtured Family Nurtured Earth, a day that I will never forget; the supportive, comforting familiarity of our regular meetings; the joy of witnessing each others children grow and the warmth of the deepening bonds of community and love that we are forging here together. 

We have seen much loved members of our circle leave to continue their journeys elsewhere and their faces, energy and contribution to our lives I will never forget. In turn we have been blessed by new Mama's and their little ones joining our group, new babies to hold, stories to hear, new friends to make.

There have been blessingways, bumps and brand new babies to welcome, what joy! As always there is playing, learning, crying (not always just the children) & chatting ; sparkly play dough to play with and lots of tea to be drunk. 

We are sharing the journey of motherhood in all its colours, and supporting & witnessing each other as we expand and blossom into the women and Mothers that we aspire to be. 

Yes, it has been a good year for The Red Thread and I am proud of what we are creating here and excited to see what will grow next year from the seeds of this one…

Blessings of light and darkness to you this Solstice.

Love Keeley x