Saturday, 6 August 2011

In the Summer time...

For our last meeting in July, one of our Red Thread Mama's, Kate, came along to give us a talk on Herbs for Mothers and Children. It was a lovely meeting and Kate gave very generously of her time to answer questions and share her extensive knowledge with us all. Thank You Kate!

The Red Thread is taking a break over the Summer this year, for the first time since we started. We are returning in the Autumn, in September and I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again and hearing all about their Summers..

Wherever you are reading this blog, I hope these Summer weeks have been warm, nourishing & fun for you and your family. 

My family joined many others at The Mother magazine's annual family camp in North Yorkshire. It was a lovely break for us all, amid the beautiful surroundings and many lovely families, all coming together to share time; prepare & cook meals together; play, tie dye and knit; witness a handfasting; attend free workshops; dream & chat at the camp fire long into the night

Community Damper bread making
Once again, Veronika & Paul of The Mother magazine put heart and soul into providing and holding this space for us all. They should be proud of all they achieved this year with another lovely camp that was loved and enjoyed by so many families.

Veronika & paul at the camp fire for the launch of The Mystic Cookfire

We certainly came back happy & with a heart full of lovely memories to keep us warm & inspired.

Back home again, with Lammas just behind us, my thoughts turn toward Autumn. Even though we are still surrounded by the abundance of Summer, the seeds of next year can be seen in the crops, plants and flowers all around us, and harvest is on the way. The children have picked (and instantly eaten, naturally!) the first blackberries and our apples & plums are almost ready on the trees.

This is a time of year when I can really feel the wheel turning, light into dark, flower into seed, the glowing potential of pregnancy into the beauty & raw power of birth, Maiden into Mother; early into late Summer and then on into Autumn. Long and hopefully warm days still to come allow us all to spend more time outside, making the most of the late Summer, as the seasons dance on...


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